Sodalite Tower Gold Plated Creativity Necklace


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Crafted from the Sodalite Stone a 1.5 inch natural crystal is nestled into a gold plated mount. The symmetrical shape of this crystal helps to direct and channel energy acting as a powerful tool for setting intentions and manifesting them into the universe. 

Sodalite: A stone of insight and mental enhancement. Sodalite vibrations are the key to unlocking deepened intuition, by expanding these energies, it allows us to get over the mental hurdles that we may struggle with daily. Sodalite enhances your mental capabilities and allows the natural contradictions of your mind to slowly weaken.

A luxurious crystal that hangs beautifully around the neck on a 17" chain. Our crystal jewellery arrives packaged within a beautiful gift box with crystal meaning card.

Our original Necklace Pendants are crafted from a variety of healing Crystals. The shape of this specific crystal helps to direct and point energy, acting as a powerful tool for setting intentions and manifesting them into the universe.