Finding KeiCo (2015)

We’re Co-founders Keiron & Keira! Back in 2015, whilst stopped off from our travels in Australia, we began creating and assembling gift sets & hampers to send to loved ones back home, from within our tiny granny flat in Perth, WA. Soon neighbours, colleagues and friends were asking us to create similar style gift boxes for their loved ones too and as interest grew so did our small side hobby!

Over the last 7 years we’ve grown and learnt a lot! (I say we as it really has become a family operation). From Sparkleware (hand-crafted glassware and gifts) to The KeiCo - the online department store & community we're building today.

After the big C (Covid) struck in 2020 and travel screeched to a standstill, we found ourselves with stranded containers, ever increasing supplier costs and a realisation that folk were starting to struggle more with some of life’s burdens! From this came new-found time for soul-searching, the world was changing and we decided to pivot (slightly) - as they say, out of adversity comes creativity!

The New Found Keico

Today we're still on an expedition - albeit a little closer to home (Lancashire) to locate, create & deliver stand-out products and brands from all over the world, all of which are neatly assembled and delivered straight into the hands of our customers!

We’re passionate about sourcing & creating products that align with The KeiCo's Values all of which we believe, help guide you through some of life’s ups & downs: 

From the highs of Celebrating the moments that matter, through to the lows that remind us not to neglect our need to Relax & Recenter.

Each of our 3 categories have been carefully assembled, with collections that feature high-value products & brands that truly stand out in their field:


Bursting with unique gift sets & hampers - perfect for when you're looking to give something back, or to provide that special someone with a lift! With over half a million gift boxes sold, we understand the art that is gift giving.

Relax & Recentre

Our ever developing Relax & Recentre category is filled with products to help solve some of lifes increasingy growing problems, such as anxiety & sleep, to make your days happier & healthier. You'll also find a selection of Wellness Gifts, Crystals & ambient scent selections all naturally designed to help you & your loved ones Relax...


Our Living selection is a catalogue of unique indoor and outdoor homewares designed to help create your very own house of Zen. In Japanese culture, Zen refers to meditation. In interior design, it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. Although zen is not an actual design style as such, it is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. KeiCo Living aims to pair affordable luxury with this natural simplicity.

Where we're headed

We’re working towards a positive future and building to create a community that can survive the test of time, from suppliers to buyers we're doing our bit to move forward ethically and sustainably by empowering people throughout the supply chain and giving back to our community through our Good Deeds programme.

The KeiCo concept in some way, aims to satisfy some of the most basic of human needs all of which are fulfilled & delivered passionately by the KeiCo family that care in just the same way that yours does!

Thank you to all our customers - we're thoroughly excited to have you with us on this journey!

With love from all the team at KeiCo x