Luxury Outdoor Classic Module 3-4 Person Sauna by Saunum


If you're seeking a modern and minimalistic outdoor sauna house, the Saunum Classic is the perfect choice. Combining classic style with exquisite materials, functional Nordic design and the expert craftsmanship of Saunum's artisans, the Classic guarantees a top-tier relaxation experience.

Transformative Sauna Experience

Enhance your sauna experience with a Saunum heater, featuring its unique climate device. This innovative addition transforms your sauna into a tranquil 5-in-1 home spa, offering an unparalleled steam experience. The heater mixes steam with soft, oxygen-rich air, making the steam milder and easier to breathe. Relax and enjoy a variety of sauna experiences, including the classic steam sauna, a salt-ion sauna, a mild steam-rich sauna, a relaxing sauna, or an aroma sauna.

Highly Customisable

The Saunum Classic is designed to be highly customisable, allowing you to tailor it to your exact requirements. Choose from a range of exterior finishes to ensure it seamlessly integrates into your outdoor space.

  • Exterior Finish Options:
    • Anthracite (Standard)
    • Black (+£210)
    • Light Grey (£210)
  • Glass Colour Options:
    • Clear (Standard)
    • Bronze (+£325)
    • Grey (+£325)
  • Internal Cladding:
    • Alder (Standard)
    • Thermo-Aspen (+£200)
  • Bench Material:
    • Alder (Standard)
    • Themro-Aspen (+£225)
  • Floor & Skirt:
    • PVC (standard)
    • Alder (+£850)
    • Thermo-Aspen (+£950)
  • Extras:
    • Bluetooth Sound System (+£550)
    • Dimmable LED Lights (+£150)
    • Rain Gutter (+£220)

Each finish option maintains the sauna's modern aesthetic while allowing it to complement different outdoor settings, whether it's your garden, holiday let, or poolside. The elegant design and versatile colour choices cater to various stylistic preferences, ensuring the Saunum Classic enhances any environment with its sophisticated presence.



Outdoor Cladding

Finely Sawn Spruce


Windows and door with wooden frames (RAL 8017)


Double Glazed, tempered

Door Handle

Natural Oak/Stainless Steel


Self-closing, lock included

Base Beams

Tanalised Timber


Mineral Wool

Vapour Barrier


Wind Barrier

Wind Barrier Membrane


Protan SE 1,2mm (PVC), resistant of UV light


4 interior LED Lights + Outdoor LED Lights


Forced Ventilation, floor drain system, gutter, roof tiles


Approx 1250kg


210 x 240 x 248 cm (Depth x Width x Height) 

Exterior Finish


Interior Finish


Bench Backrest


Floor Grid

PVC as standard

Bench Lighting

LED strips behind Backrests & under bench


Choose From 5 Sauna Modes

Classic Nordic Sauna

  • Temperature: 60 °C - 100 °C
  • Climate Regulating System: Speed level 1, valve 25% open

Humid Steam-Rich Sauna

  • Temperature: 45 °C - 60 °C
  • Climate Regulating System: Speed level 2 or 3, valve 100% open

Mild, Relaxing Sauna

  • Temperature: 40 °C - 55 °C
  • Climate Regulating System: Speed level 1, valve at least 25% open

Sauna With Salt Ions

  • Temperature: 40 °C - 100 °C
  • Climate Regulating System: Speed level 1, valve 25% open, salt spheres added to the climate device

Aromatherapy Sauna

  • Temperature: 40 °C - 90 °C
  • Climate Regulating System: Speed level 1, valve 25% open, replace a salt sphere with an aroma bowl, add Saunum aroma oil

The Sauna of the Next Century

How Does Saunums 5-in-1 Patented Technology Work?

Saunum's heat systems feature advanced air-blending that revolutionises the sauna experience. The patented technology captures the intense steam that rises to the ceiling, blends it with cooler air from the floor, and redistributes the softened steam evenly throughout the sauna. This process ensures a consistent steam temperature and oxygen-enriched air, making breathing easier and allowing for more frequent water splashing to increase steam and humidity, promoting intense sweating.

Enhanced Benefits with Salt Ions

A unique method that enriches the air with salt ions from natural salt spheres added to the sauna climate device. These ions circulate within the steam, reaching your skin and respiratory tract, enhancing the overall health benefits of your sauna session.

Aromatherapy for a Relaxing Experience

Elevate your relaxation with our aroma system. Unlike traditional methods of burning aromatic oils on hot stones, our system mixes sauna oil aromas with the steam, providing a soothing and health-conscious alternative. This creates a serene environment, perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating.

Please Note: Electrical works must be carried out by a certified electrician.

Current Delivery & Installation:
 Approximately 8-12 weeks from purchase.

📧 Queries & Details: For further details or to discuss your order, kindly reach out to, where one of our team members will be ready to assist!

2100mm L x 2400mm Wide x 2490mm High

Our SAUNUM Saunas are manufactured to order in Estonia, the birthplace of sauna culture. We ensure seamless delivery right to your doorstep, however these pre-assembled Saunas will require unloading by the customer. We recommend consulting our installation guide for detailed instructions:

On-Site Unloading Recommendations:
We recommend having a forklift on-site capable of handling loads up to 1,600 kg. If a forklift is not available, manual offloading can be done with 4-6 people. Please note, the driver will not assist with unloading but will allow up to 2 hours for this process.

Tailored Delivery Coordination:
We will coordinate the delivery to suit your specific schedule. Once the pickup date is confirmed, we will notify you and keep you informed throughout the delivery process to ensure a smooth experience.

Alternative Offloading Options:
If forklift access is impractical, hiring a crane or HIAB might be necessary. We offer the option to facilitate this for you. Please contact us at for a quotation if this service is required.