Louis Roederer Cristal 2008 Vintage Champagne 75cl Gift Boxed


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The origin story of Cristal dates back to 1876, when Tsar Alexander II of Russia, an avid admirer of Louis Roederer's wines, requested a distinctive cuvée. He wanted a champagne that revealed its beautiful colour and effervescence in a clear crystal bottle with a flat bottom, a design element both aesthetic and protective against potential assassins. Answering the call, Louis Roederer cultivated the finest vines from seven Grand Crus on his estate to create Cristal, the world's first prestige cuvée. Today, the "Cristal Estates" span over 45 plots, each contributing to the unique profile of Cristal.

Discover the unparalleled excellence of Cristal, a name now synonymous with the epitome of vinous sophistication, exclusively produced during the most exceptional vintages. This exquisite cuvée owes its celebrated distinction to the harmonious alchemy of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, meticulously selected for their peak ripeness. Crafting this masterpiece involves a meticulous process, where 20-30% of the wines are vinified in oak barrels, enriching the blend with depth and complexity. Following this, the blend embarks on an eight-year journey of maturation in our cellars, concluding with an additional eight-month repose post-disgorgement.

At Louis Roederer, a pioneering spirit has guided us towards embracing biodynamic practices across our vineyards for nearly a decade. Today, half of our estates flourish under this holistic regime, with the remainder meticulously tended under organic principles.

The 2008 vintage unfolded with challenges, marked initially by tempestuous spring conditions that delayed flowering and reduced yield. However, a turning point came with the arrival of a dry yet cool summer, setting the stage for a spectacular September that ensured the grapes achieved perfect ripeness. This serendipitous blend of freshness and concentrated flavours heralds the 2008 vintage as a contender for greatness, rivalling the revered 2002 vintage.

This edition of Cristal stands out as the first to undergo a decade of lees ageing, a testament to our dedication to achieving a sublime balance between vibrant acidity and the lush textures that only extended lees contact can impart.

**Technical Elegance:**
- **Vineyards:** 100% Grand Cru, a testament to the unparalleled quality and terroir.
- **Grape Composition:** A balanced harmony of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay.
- **Maturation:** An unprecedented 12 years on the lees, culminating in a spring 2021 disgorgement.
- **Dosage:** 8 g/l, finely tuned to enhance complexity and longevity.
- **Enjoyment Window:** Presently inviting, with potential to evolve magnificently until 2040 and beyond.

**Preservation Note:** To maintain its exquisite character, Cristal, encased in clear bottles, demands shielding from light and is presented in its signature yellow wrapping to ensure protection. Store in absolute darkness, ideally within a box, to preserve its integrity.

**Tasting Reflections:** On the palate, Cristal is an exercise in contrasts - ethereal yet rich, powerful yet elegant, bursting with tropical fruit nuances and a light, delicate touch. This vintage, with its extended lees ageing, presents a complexity and depth rivaling our most celebrated vintages, including the iconic 2002 and 1988. This release is not just a champagne; it's a journey through the artistry and legacy of Louis Roederer.

12cm x 10cm x 35cm