KC ISLA Garden Spa Sauna with Outdoor Shower Terrace


🌿 KC ISLA Sauna with Outdoor Shower Terrace – Panoramic Glass Fronted Wellness Sanctuary 🌿

Discover the Ultimate in Home Wellness with the KC ISLA Sauna

Enhance your home with a luxurious outdoor wellness retreat with the KC ISLA Sauna with accompanying Outdoor Shower Terrace. Combining modern design with traditional Nordic craftsmanship, this panoramic, glass-fronted sauna offers a sublime escape from the everyday hustle.

Breathtaking Design Meets Unmatched Quality: The KC ISLA is crafted from 70mm thick Nordic spruce for exceptional durability and insulation.
With dimensions of 301cm width, 194cm depth, and 242cm height, it features a full glass door and integrated shower terrace, perfect for rejuvenation before or after your sauna session.

Health Benefits Backed by Science: Recent studies have highlighted the profound health benefits of regular sauna use. Just four 20-minute sessions per week can dramatically reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by improving cardiovascular function and reducing stress levels. The KC ISLA Sauna provides the perfect solution to integrate these health benefits seamlessly into everyday busy life styles.

Flexible Heating Options: Whether you prefer the crackle of wood or the convenience of electricity, the KC ISLA caters to all preferences with its range of heater options. Each session is a bespoke experience, tailored to your comfort and health needs.

Elegant and Efficient: From the serene outdoor shower terrace to the expansive glass front that offers panoramic views of your garden, every element of the KC ISLA Sauna is designed with elegance and efficiency in mind. It’s more than just a sauna; it’s a multifunctional wellness hub.

Key Features:

  • Panoramic Glass Front: Offers expansive views and natural light.
  • Integrated Outdoor Terrace with Shower: Perfect for cooling down or relaxing post-sauna.
  • Choice of Wood-Fired or Electric Heaters: Customisable for your heating preference.
  • Robust Construction with Nordic Spruce: Ensures longevity and superb insulation.

A Sanctuary of Health at Home: Elevate your wellbeing with the KC ISLA Sauna—a space where luxury meets tradition and health benefits are just a session away. Perfect for those who value their health and relaxation, it promises to be an indispensable addition to your home.

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