JJ Whitley Artisinal Vodka 70cl Gift Set


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JJ Whitley Artisinal Vodka 70cl Gift Set 🍸

Purity in Taste: JJ Whitley Vodka stands out with its distinct clean and fresh profile, delivering a sip that's as memorable as the moments you'll create.
Bespoke Packaging: Beyond its taste, this bottles presentation truly captivates, making it an instant favourite for any bar collection!
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What's in the box?
First and foremost, there's the star of the show:

🍾 A 70cl bottle of JJ Whitley Artisinal Vodka, a testament to refined distillation and unparalleled taste.

🥂 Accompanying this premium vodka are two 250ml Golden Rim Tumblers, designed to elevate every sip you take.

And to create the perfect mix, we've included two bottles of Artisan Lemonade (brand may vary) that blend seamlessly with the vodka for a refreshing drink.

For a touch of sweet indulgence, discover six Golden Heart Chocolates that melt in your mouth.

🎉 Gift of Sophistication: If you're looking to impress a spirit aficionado or introduce someone to the world of high-quality vodka, look no further.

Details & Care: Contained within a beautifully crafted bottle, JJ Whitley Artisanal Vodka stands as a testament to pristine quality. Best enjoyed chilled and responsibly.

Dive in and enjoy every moment of this exquisite experience!

✨ 1 x 70cl JJ Whitley Artisinal Vodka

✨ 2 x 250ml Golden Rim Tumblers

✨ 2 x Artisan Lemonade (Please note lemonade brand may vary)

✨ 6 x Golden Heart Chocolates

✨ Gift Tag & Glass Care Instructions