Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses - 2 Pack With Serving Tray

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A shot glass like no other, hand carved from pure pink Himalayan rock salt, these funky tequila shot glasses will infuse your tipple with a subtle salty flavour that perfectly complements a wedge of lime, creating a truly authentic experience. Supplied with a natural wooden carved serving tray - all presented within a cute little gift box.  

Naturally antibacterial and super stable, which means they're good for multiple rounds! The ultimate addition to any drinks cabinet and the perfect gift for Dad! 

A perfect present for anyone who enjoys a shot.  An attractive addition to any drinks cabinet, and what better gift for Father's day.  

Since these are made out of Pure Salt, they will dissolve. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and then wipe with a dry cloth between uses.  

Glass Dimensions : H7.5cm x D3cm