Frosty Commercial Cold Plunge Luxury Ice Bath Cold Therapy + Cooling Unit



KeiCo’s Arctic Embrace: Harvia Frosty Commercial Cold Plunge

Delve deep into the cooling embrace of nature's purest therapy. With the HARVIA FROSTY Cold Plunge, discover a haven of holistic wellness and serenity, all from the comfort of your own space.❄️🌿

Features & Details:

  • Cold Therapy, Redefined: Regular cold water immersions can amplify immunity, temper stress, uplift sleep patterns, speed up post-exercise recuperation, and be a potent pain alleviator.

  • The Harvia Distinction: Marrying cold therapy's wonders with state-of-the-art cooling technology, Harvia Frosty makes wellness an accessible daily ritual. Dive into temperatures as bracing as 4°C and feel the rejuvenation seep in.

  • Communal Wellness: The commodious oval design, ideal for dual occupancy, invites shared moments of wellness. Formed from top-tier, skin-pampering materials, Harvia Frosty promises a delightful, low-maintenance experience. An insulated lid ensures temperature retention and child safety.

  • Accelerate Recovery: Post-exertion, the body craves restoration. Harvia's chilling embrace mitigates inflammation and lethargy, aiding rapid recuperation.

  • Elevate Immunity: Experience a natural boost in immunity with routine cold-water baths.

  • Slumber’s Sweet Embrace: A cooled body core encourages relaxation, preparing the body for a deep, restful sleep.

Technical Specifications:


  • Suitable for: 1-2 individuals
  • Fill volume: 500l; Water volume: 615l
  • Measurements: 170cm L x 99cm H x 83cm D
  • Insulation: Provided with cover
  • Weight: 112kg; Packaged: 135kg
  • Warranty: 24 months


  • Chill Factor: Down to +4°C
  • Efficiency: 0.7kW (5°C/hr); Refrigerant: R410a
  • Display: Digital – current and target water temperature
  • Power: 230V/50Hz, residual current protection
  • Acoustics: 52dB(A); Mobility: 4 rings & 2 handles
  • Dimensions: 60cm L x 41cm W x 42.5cm H
  • Weight: 48kg; Warranty: 12 months

Taking the Arctic Plunge: With a delivery span of 3-4 weeks, let the voyage to holistic wellness commence with the Harvia Frosty cold plunge. Feel free to reach out for any commercial queries. Dive in, rejuvenate, and redefine wellness! 🌊❄️

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170cm Length x 99cm Width x 83cm Height

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