Day & Night Reflection Journals


Supplement your mindfulness practice with our selection of 90-day reflection journals.
Featuring morning and evening practices that are uniquely designed to help you track your progress and successes as you work toward enjoying a more mindful life.

Proven to reduce stress, cultivate positivity, and improve focus, mindfulness is the simple, conscious act of being present in the moment. Whilst most often associated with meditation, mindfulness can be so much more: an intentionally drawn breath to calm your heart rate, a meal eaten without distractions, a focused midday walk.

Whether you're a current practitioner or a newcomer to the mindful way of life, Our
 Day and Night Reflection Journals offer a flexible guided template for tracking and recording the effects of your practice over a 90-day period.

Each daily spread includes a morning practice for beginning your day with intention and an evening practice for reflecting on your challenges and achievements. There are opportunities to record your goals, your obstacles, the types of activities you did, the types of distractions you faced, the meditation you practiced, and more.

Featuring delicate illustrations and a graceful, contemporary design, our ninety-day journals are the perfect companion for anyone trying to stay present and live mindfully.