Bottega White Gold Spumante, 75cl


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✨ Bottega White Gold Spumante: The Lustrous Elixir of Sophistication 🍾✨

Dive into a realm where sparkling brilliance meets unparalleled taste! Introducing the Bottega White Gold Spumante, a luminescent offering that promises to elevate every toast and celebration.

White Gold Wonders:

  • Elevated Richness: While its classic Gold Bottega sibling shines in its own right, our White Gold Spumante takes opulence a notch higher. Crafted meticulously with the celebrated Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) grapes, this wine is the epitome of luxury in a bottle.

Celebrate the Bottega Way: Whether you're hosting a grand soirée, enjoying a cozy evening, or searching for the perfect gift, Bottega White Gold Spumante is the shimmering choice. Make every moment glisten with elegance and taste, and let the White Gold magic unfold.

Chin-chin to Celebrating Responsibly: Before you pop, pour, and revel in this sparkling sensation, remember: you must be 18 or over. And we might just check that ID upon delivery. 🥂🌟

Tantalising Tasting Notes: Surrender to a symphony of ripe pear, sun-kissed peach, and delicate white blossoms. Let every sip dance on your palate with its delightful freshness, softness, and perfectly balanced flavors. Oh, and those persistent bubbles? They'll whisk you away in a sparkling embrace!