Bottega Sparkling Wine + Italian Chocolate Corkscrew Gift Sets


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🎉 Savour Italy's Finest with Bottega's Sparkling Elegance! 🎉

Dive deep into Italy's effervescent heart with our curated Bottega sparkling wines selection. Encased in our specially crafted 'Little Less Kindness, a Little Less Stress' gift box, this set promises more than just flavours - it's a heartfelt celebration in every sip!

🍾 Bottega Gold Prosecco 20cl: Dive into a golden dance of apples, pears, and acacia blooms. Every gulp is velvety and rich, finishing with an invigorating crispness that beckons for another sip.

🌹 Bottega Rose Gold Sparkling Wine 20cl: A rosy serenade of berries, currants, and wild roses, this sparkling beauty tantalizes both eyes and taste buds with its delicate hue and enchanting aroma.

🍏 Bottega Poeti Prosecco 20cl: A symphony of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes, it serenades you with hints of apples, citrus fruits, and white blossoms. Every sip promises a joyous crescendo and a lingering embrace.

🌸 Bottega Rosé Prosecco 20cl: Marrying the fruity Glera grapes with the floral undertones of Pinot Noir, this Prosecco paints your palate with shades of pale pink elegance and refined flavours.

🍫 Bonus Delight: But wait, there's more! Elevate your tasting experience with an Authentic Italian Chocolate Corkscrew. Handcrafted with perfection, this life-sized choco-twist is both a visual treat and a guilty pleasure!

Tucked gently amidst protective shreds in our 'Little Less Kindness, a Little Less Stress' gift box, this ensemble isn't just a present - it's a warm hug, a fond memory, a smile waiting to happen.

Whether it's for birthdays, gratitude, or just a 'thinking of you' moment, this set is sure to impress. Pour, clink, and toast to

All items are carefully arranged within a charming 'Little Less Kindness, a Little Less Stress' gift box, cushioned with protective shredded paper. More than a gift; this box provides a positive gesture, a token of appreciation, and a means to bring a smile to the faces of those who receive it.

Perfect for birthdays, thank you presents, or simply to show someone you care. Order yours today and let the celebration of taste begin!

1 x 20cl Bottega bottle of your choice
1 x Authentic Italian Chocolate Corkscrew

14cm x 8cm x 23cm