Bottega Diamond Pinot Noir Spumante 75cl


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✨ Shine Bright with Bottega Diamond Pinot Noir Spumante 🥂💎

Introducing the sparkling gem of our collection, the Bottega Diamond Pinot Noir Spumante. Crafted from the exquisite Pinot Noir grapes nestled by the Po river in Lombardy, this radiant bubbly is adorned with glistening diamantés, encapsulating luxury in every sense.

A Golden Glimpse:

  • Dazzling Presentation: Every bottle is an artwork, with sparkling diamantés mirroring the effervescence within.
  • Lombardian Excellence: Utilising the same meticulous method as Prosecco, this Pinot Noir rendition offers a unique taste profile to enchant your senses.

Taste the Elegance:

  • Appearance: Straw-yellow brilliance with a consistently fine and persistent bubble dance.
  • Aroma: Dive into a sophisticated symphony of crusty bread and yeast aromas, crowned with a hint of delicate florals.
  • Flavour Profile: Revel in its full-bodied richness, balanced acidity, and fruity nuances that gracefully transition to a sweet almond finish.

Perfect Pours:

  • Serve Chilled: Best experienced at 4-5 °C.
  • Pairing: Elevate aperitifs, starters, and rice dishes. Harmonizes beautifully with both raw and cooked seafood, especially shellfish. Also pairs seamlessly with vegetarian delights, flavourful white meats, cheeses, and desserts.

Gift it or grace your celebrations, this sparkling wine promises to be the centrepiece of unforgettable moments.

Please Drink Responsibly: You must be 18 or over to make this purchase. ID verification may be needed upon delivery.