Black Opium 'Protection' Spell Tube Candle


Shield Yourself with Magic!

Embrace the power of enchantment with our Opium 'Protection' Spell Tube Candle! Housed in a mystical glass jar, this black pillar candle isn't just for lighting up a room – it's a guardian in wax form. 🌑✨

Magical Moments & Enchanted Evenings:

🔮 Mystical Scent: Surround yourself with the deep, alluring fragrance of opium. Each flicker is a spell for protection, wrapping you in a cocoon of mystique and safety.

🔮 Spellbound Design: This candle is more than just a light; it's a talisman. Light it up during your most sacred rituals or when seeking guidance from the universe.

🔮 Long-Lasting Magic: With 70 hours of burn time, our premium paraffin wax ensures a steady, mesmerising flame to accompany your spells and meditations.

A Candle for the Soul: Whether You're crafting spells, unwinding after a long day, or simply basking in its protective aura, let this candle be your spiritual shield. When not in use, its sleek design serves as a bewitching addition to your space. 🌟🕯️