Aventurine Tower Gold Plated Luck Necklace


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Crafted from the Aventurine Stone a 1.5 inch natural crystal is nestled into a gold plated mount. The symmetrical shape of this crystal helps to direct and channel energy acting as a powerful tool for setting intentions and manifesting them into the universe. 

Aventurine: Known as a positive stone for luck & prosperity, helping with mental healing and the protection against electromagnetic pollution that can be created through everyday electronic devices.

A luxurious crystal that hangs beautifully around the neck on a 17" chain. Our crystal jewellery arrives packaged within a beautiful gift box with crystal meaning card.

Our original Necklace Pendants are crafted from a variety of healing Crystals. The shape of this specific crystal helps to direct and point energy, acting as a powerful tool for setting intentions and manifesting them into the universe.