Afternoon Splendour Tea Collection – The Quintessential English Tea Experience


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A Quintessential English Tea Experience 

Savour the essence of sophistication with our 'Afternoon Splendour' Tea Collection. It's not just a tea set; it's an invitation to indulge in a time-honoured ritual, filled with grace, warmth, and friendship.

Inside This Box of British Bliss:

1 x Luxurious Porcelain Teapot: Steep your tea in elegance with this charming vessel, reflecting the poise of an English tea affair.

40 x Breakfast Tea Bags: Begin your day with robust flavour and inviting aroma, a perfect companion to your morning toast.

40 x 1869 Tea Bags: Experience a blend that honours tradition, a unique fusion crafted with love since 1869.

40 x Afternoon Tea Bags: Enjoy a midday pause with this delightful blend, exuding warmth and relaxation.

40 x Earl Grey Tea Bags: Indulge in the distinctive and aromatic blend of Earl Grey, a favourite for many tea enthusiasts.

Why This Gift Will Enchant:
Classic Elegance: Our Afternoon Tea Gift Set encapsulates the charm of the English tea ceremony, perfect for true connoisseurs or those eager to explore.

A Thoughtful Gesture: Whether it's to say "Thinking of you," "Congratulations," or "Happy Birthday," this set translates your emotions into a comforting experience.

The 'Afternoon Splendour Tea Collection' is more than a gift; it's a token of elegance, tradition, and care. Share it with a loved one or treat yourself to the delightful escapade of an authentic English tea experience. ☕🌺

1 x Luxurious Porcelain Teapot.
40 x Breakfast Tea Bags.
40 x 1869 Tea Bags.
40 x Afternoon Tea Bags.
40 x Earl Grey Tea Bags.

W14 x L37 x H22 cm