Orange & Bergamot Blended Essential Oil - Energise Me


Looking for a natural way to boost your energy and invigorate your senses? Look no further than Energise Me, our blend of orange and bergamot essential oils.

Orange essential oil is known for its uplifting and energising properties, making it the perfect pick-me-up when you're feeling drained. Bergamot, on the other hand, is a refreshing and invigorating oil that helps to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. Together, these two oils create a bright, citrusy blend that will leave you feeling revitalised and ready to tackle the day.

Energise Me is perfect for use in a diffuser or as a massage oil. Just a few drops on your pulse points or in your diffuser will help to clear your mind and boost your energy levels. It's also great for use in homemade cleaning products, adding a fresh and uplifting scent to your home.

 A Cute 10ml Bottle - Packaged within a recyclable cardboard tube.

H7.5cm x W3cm x D3cm