Myomaster Elite Fibreglass Ice Bath Barrel


🧊 MyoMaster Elite Fibreglass Ice Bath Barrel: Unleash Your Ultimate Recovery & Wellness 🌊❄️

Step into the realm of elite wellness with the MyoMaster Elite Fibreglass Ice Bath Barrel, designed meticulously for those who dare to embrace the invigorating embrace of cold therapy. Tailored for the bold, the brave, and anyone looking to enhance their recovery, wellness, and living experience, this ice bath barrel is your gateway to unparalleled rejuvenation.

Key Features:

❄️ Reinforced Fibreglass Durability: Dive into durability with a barrel reinforced with fibreglass and wrapped in a skin-safe PVC lining, mirroring the resilience of a swimming pool. Say goodbye to punctures and hello to long-lasting wellness sessions.

🚿 Effortless 5-Minute Setup: From unboxing to chilling in just five minutes, this ice bath is a testament to convenience. Designed for universal fit, it easily connects to your hosepipe, making setup a breeze for every user.

🌡️ All-Weather Cover Included: With the all-weather cover, indulge in your ice bath ritual in any season. This barrel is crafted to withstand the elements, ensuring your wellness journey is uninterrupted all year round.

📏 Generously Spacious: Measuring 90cm in width and 105cm in height, with a capacity of 540L, this barrel welcomes all sizes for a full submersion experience. It's not just an ice bath; it's your personal wellness oasis.

Dive Into The Science of Cold Therapy:

🧠 Enhanced Recovery & Well-Being: Studies, including "The Effect of Cold Water Immersion on Post-Exercise Recovery," highlight how cold water immersion can supercharge recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and even enhance your mood and metabolic health.

💪 Activate Your Brown Fat: Discover the metabolic magic of cold exposure with findings from the study "Cold Showers as a Potential Strategy for Metabolic Health," showcasing how cold therapy can boost energy expenditure and improve metabolic health by activating brown fat.

🏊‍♂️ Elevate Your Mood: Embrace the psychological uplift from "The Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Winter Swimming," revealing the mood-enhancing and stress-reducing effects of cold water immersion. A dip in the MyoMaster Elite is more than just recovery; it's a holistic wellness ritual.

Frequently Purchased Together:

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Width 90cm x Height 105 cm

Designed for all sizes

540L capacity

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