Chill Tubs: Ice Bath Recovery System with Precision Temperature Control


🌊 Chill Tubs: Ice Bath Recovery System with Precision Temperature Control 🌊

Ready to change the game? Meet Chill Tubs, a revolutionary ice bath designed to empower your body, mind, and spirit. Dive into a world of cold therapy and unlock the door to a refreshed, revitalised you!

🎖 Achieve Peak Performance with Chill Tubs 🎖

Unlock your potential. Break through mental barriers. Feel invigorated. With Chill Tubs, the world is yours to conquer. Whether you're an athlete striving for excellence or a wellness enthusiast seeking harmony, our Ice Bath Recovery System promises a journey of transformation.

🧊 Benefits Galore! 🧊

  1. Reduce Muscle Soreness: Feel the soothing effect as cold water immersion constricts blood vessels, easing those post-workout aches.
  2. Boost Recovery Time: Get back on track faster with a system designed to heal and rejuvenate.
  3. Decrease Inflammation: Benefit from nature's therapy, ideal for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.
  4. Improve Circulation: Stimulate blood flow, enhance recovery, and reduce injury risk.

Unlock the Science of Cold

  • Norepinephrine Boost: A quick dip can spike this neurotransmitter by 200-300%, matching a 6-hour walk in 16°C weather.
  • Protein Power: Boost metabolism with PGC-1 alpha, a unique protein targeting obesity, diabetes, and more.

🛀 How to Use Your Chill Tub 🛀

  1. Fill It Up: Connect a garden hose and fill the tub within 15-30 minutes.
  2. Chill and Enjoy: Within hours, begin your cold therapy adventure.
  3. Control the Cold: Plug in, set the temperature, and let Chill Tubs take care of the rest.
  4. Maintain with Ease: Empty and refill every 8-12 weeks as suggested.

📖 Chill Tubs Brochure Included 📖

Dive deeper into the benefits of cold therapy with our comprehensive digital brochure.


Cold water therapy isn't for everyone. It may be uncomfortable or risky for some individuals, so consulting with a healthcare professional is advised.

🎁 Your Investment in Wellness 🎁

  • Chill Tubs is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Order now and receive delivery within 6 weeks.

Ready to break boundaries and take on the world? Start your cold journey with Chill Tubs and transform your life one plunge at a time!

730mm wide x 750mm high x 1800mm long

Bathing Area:
730mm wide x 750mm high x 1200mm long

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