Chill Tabs Ice Bath Sanitiser 20 Tablets - 64g


🧊 Chill Tabs Sanitiser Tablets: Pure, Clear, Cold Water Therapy (64g, 20 Tablets) 🌟

Introducing Chill Tabs Sanitiser Tablets, your ultimate solution for maintaining crystal-clear and bacteria-free water in your cold water therapy sessions. Specially formulated for optimal performance in cold water, these effervescent chlorine tablets ensure your Chill Tub remains a sanctuary of rejuvenation and health.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored for Cold Water: Designed with a fast release rate and a lower sanitiser percentage, perfect for cold water therapy.
  • Easy to Use: Each bottle contains 20 x treatment tablets, with a recommended application of twice a week for pristine bathing water.
  • Efficient and Effective: Fast-dissolving tablets work within minutes, minimizing the impact on water pH and keeping your water safe and inviting.
  • Precision Dosing: Achieve ideal free chlorine levels of 2-5mg/l (PPM) for a safe and refreshing plunge every time.

Simple Application for Clarity and Safety:

  1. Start Fresh: Fill your ice bath with clean tap water.
  2. Dose Correctly: Use Chill Tabs according to the volume of your bath for perfect sanitation.
  3. Swirl and Settle: Once dissolved, stir the water gently for uniform sanitizer distribution.
  4. Test and Enjoy: Ensure your tub's chlorine levels are within the ideal range before diving into clarity.

Regular Maintenance Made Easy:

For uninterrupted tranquility and hygiene, it's recommended to refresh your Chill Tub water every 8-12 weeks. Testing water quality before and after each plunge is key to maintaining the perfect cold therapy environment.

Safety First:

  • Exclusive Use: Designed solely for Chill Tubs; do not mix with other chemicals.
  • Careful Handling: Use and store in well-ventilated areas, keeping the product dry and hands washed post-application.

Package Contents:

  • 64g Bottle containing 20 x Chill Tabs Sanitiser Tablets
  • Ensures a minimal, safe chlorine level increase per dose for various water volumes.

Dive into the Purest Cold Plunge: With Chill Tabs Sanitiser Tablets, embrace the essence of cold water therapy with peace of mind, knowing every session is clean, safe, and invigorating. Perfect for athletes, wellness enthusiasts, or anyone seeking a refreshing escape, Chill Tabs transform your cold plunge into a haven of health and clarity.

Secure your Chill Tabs today and elevate your cold water therapy experience to pristine perfection. 🌊

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