Set of 4 Sparkleware® Metallic Gold Glass Champagne Flutes


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Our Sparkleware® Metallic Gold Champagne Flutes are more than just drinkware; they're a declaration of opulence! Designed meticulously with your favourite bubblies in mind, every sip feels like a celebration. From the gentle touch of hand-blown craftsmanship to the signature etched base, each flute promises the unmatched Sparkleware quality.

For dinners that deserve the gold standard, these are your go-to flutes. Whether you fancy Metallic Gold Tops that shimmer with every sip, or Metallic Gold Stems that stand tall with grace, we've got you covered. Even better, mix and match for a dining experience that'll truly be the gold standard!

Make Every Toast Glimmer:

  • Variations: Gilded elegance with Metallic Gold Tops or regal stature with Metallic Gold Stems.
  • Signature Touch: Etched base marking the Sparkleware quality pledge.
  • Occasion: Perfect for that gala dinner or the soir├ęe of the year!

Individual glassware dimensions:
H 23cm x W 6cm
Weight - 10 g
Capacity - 240ml