Set of 4 Sparkleware® Lustre Glass Champagne Glass Flutes



Channeling the ethereal glow of pearls, our hand-blown Sparkleware® Lustre Champagne Flutes promise a sip like no other. Their iridescent shimmer adds a mesmerising touch to every toast and every tale. With an understated etched base, it's our subtle nod to the unparalleled Sparkleware quality. Pure elegance, pure indulgence!

Planning your next soirée? Your guests will be talking about these long after the night is over. Here's to evenings filled with sparkle, and clinks that resonate with style!

Glass Specs 📐:

Capacity: Perfectly holds 240ml of bubbly goodness.
Dimensions: A stately height of 23cm and a refined width of 6cm.
Delicate Dance: Each flute weighs just 10g, making every toast graceful.

4 x 240ml Lustre Champagne Flutes

H 23cm x W 6cm
Weight - 10 g