Bottega Rive Prosecco DOC Sparkling Gift Set


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Bottega Rive Prosecco DOC Sparkling Gift Set: A Symphony of Elegance and Celebration!

Introducing a union of beauty and luxury: The Bottega Rive Prosecco Sparkling Gift Set. Each sip carries with it the dazzle of a golden Bottega label, beautifully mirroring the artistry of our bespoke, handcrafted sparkling glassware.

🍾 Dive into Elegance with Every Bubble:

  • Aesthetics: The bottle dons a shimmering gold label, exuding luxury and splendour.
  • Bottle Notes: Immerse in a sophisticated harmony of fruity sensations - apple, pear, banana, and peach, evolving into a poetic embrace of wisteria and jasmine. The palate? Creamy, structured, with lingering notes of ripe fruit to serenade your senses.

Light up their world with a touch of your personal sentiment. Each gift comes complete with a complementary pearlescent gift tag, ready for your heartfelt message.

♻️ In the Spirit of Love & Planet:
KeiCo’s eco-conscious ethos ensures that our Gift Boxes find life beyond their first use. They're recyclable and reusable, while our kraft paper shred embraces the earth, being fully biodegradable.

🚫 Note: The path to their heart might include our delightful chocolates, but do remember they may house traces of nuts.

Celebrate Responsibly. Pop the cork, raise a toast, but ensure you're 18 or over. And, don't be surprised if we ask to verify with an ID at your doorstep!

✨ 1 x 75cl Bottega Rive Prosecco DOC Sparkling Wine

✨ 2 x 240ml Hand Crafted, Gold Sparkling Champagne Flutes

✨ 6 x Belgian Milk Chocolate Foiled Hearts in an Organza bag

✨ Gift Tag & Glass Care Instructions.