"Festive hampers banner featuring a decorative Christmas sack filled with assorted gourmet treats such as 'Love Popcorn', 'Creams' biscuits, 'Snowy Mallows', 'Mr. Filbert's Mixed Nuts', 'Walker's Shortbread', and 'Belgian Chocolate Snowballs'. The background is adorned with snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, and a whimsical holiday typography.
As the first snowflakes drift down to cloak the world in winter's hush, (more like Great British winter frozen slush) This year's collection of Christmas Hampers are the very essence of festive splendour. This 2023, we invite you to unwrap joy, taste the season, and indulge in a curated celebration with our most exciting gift sets to date. Eeeek! 
Santa's Christmas Eve Selection - Gift Box Hamper 🎅 

Begin your Christmas Eve with a touch of enchantment. The KeiCo's Santa's Christmas Eve Selection is a duo's delight, filled with treats handpicked for their ability to conjure the magic of the season. Sip the effervescent Casa Bottega Prosecco DOC as the clock ticks towards the most awaited day, and let the taste of traditional mince pies and luxury truffles set the stage for Santa's grand arrival.
For the family gathered by the hearth, our Dig & Discover Family Christmas Hamper is the heart of shared joy. A hessian Santa sack bursts with an array of gourmet bites, from the savory cheddar stars to the sweet allure of chocolate snowballs. This hamper isn't just a gift; it's a promise of quality moments and togetherness, wrapped in the spirit of KeiCo's Christmas.

KeiCo's Extravaganza Christmas festive Hamper
KeiCo's Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper

The crown jewel of our festive collection, KeiCo's Ultimate Christmas Gift Hamper, is where luxury meets legacy. A traditional wicker basket cradles the finest Baron De Beaupre Brut Champagne, Archivio's Italian wines, and more, presenting a toast to every facet of the season. From the Vista Alegre Fine Ruby Port to Grandma Wild's Chocolate Shortbread Trees, each item is a note in the opulent carol of Christmas.

The Pink Bouquet Gift Box Hamper

And for a hue of Christmas often unsung, The Pink Bouquet Gift Box Hamper celebrates with a rosy glow. Nestled within, find Bottega Poeti Rosé Prosecco alongside artisanal sweets and treats. It's a hamper that whispers of Christmas cheer with a flair of elegance, ideal for the remarkable women in your life, making it a beacon of love and appreciation.

With each hamper, KeiCo aims to transcend the ordinary, offering an experience that's as heartfelt as it is luxurious. So, as the festive lights twinkle, make KeiCo's Christmas Hampers your choice for a holiday season that's as unique and memorable as the gifts you give.