Nestled deep amongst the Scottish Highlands on the shoreline of Loch Lochy, you'll now find one of our most tranquil Spa Installations to date. Our team delivered relaxation and luxury in abundance with our KC12 - 7 person SPA - complete with Custom Thermo-Pine Surround plus Deluxe 280 Thermo-Pine Barrel Sauna, at a prestigious loch-side hotel. 🌟✨

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Discover time-tested gateways to rejuvenate both the body and mind, this hotel chain invested in their future whilst providing added value for their guests with the ability to alleviate stress and strain from daily life with their very own wellness retreat. With the combination of hydro-massage Spa and heat therapy, we've pushed the boundaries of both design & comfort to ensure every moment guests spend inside this retreat delivers pure tranquility.

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KeiCo Wellness is your partner in transforming any hotel or home space into a haven of relaxation and style. Visit our Outdoor Living Collections to explore the KC12 Spa, Deluxe Barrel Sauna and accompanying outdoor living solutions that redefine luxury wellness spaces: KeiCo Outdoor Living Collections
Deluxe 220 Barrel Sauna with KC12 Spa and custom Thermo-Pine Surround | KeiCo Wellness
Answers to some of your most recently asked Queries: 

1. What type of heater is best for a barrel sauna: wood-fire oven or electric?

Choosing between a wood-fired oven and an electric heater depends on your preference for the sauna experience and convenience. Wood-fired heaters offer a more authentic experience with their unique aroma and ambiance but require more maintenance and effort to control temperature - this would be a preferred option for an off-grid site or where mains electric may not be available.

Electric heaters, on the other hand, are efficient, easy to control, and require less maintenance, making them a popular choice for those seeking convenience.

2. What type of wood should be used for a barrel sauna?

The choice of wood is crucial for the durability, longevity, and overall experience of your barrel sauna. Thermo-wood is highly prized for its aroma, durability, and resistance to moisture and insects through heat treatment, making it our first choice despite its higher cost. Spruce & Hemlock, are also popular due to their resistance to warping, rot, and decay. However, It's advisable to avoid non-heat-treated pine, as it contains knots that can release sap at high temperatures​

Stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more inspiring content, including our upcoming video feature on this stunning installation, alongside breathtaking photos from the job. Your ultimate wellness space awaits, and KeiCo Wellness is here to bring it to life.

3. Do barrel saunas require special maintenance or insulation, especially outdoors?

Our entire outdoor sauna range feature staves assembled from 42mm thick spruce/thermo-wood, this way our timber already provides excellent insulating properties when retaining heat, reducing energy consumption, and extending the sauna's lifespan. Moreover, while barrel saunas are designed to be durable and withstand various weather conditions, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure their longevity. This includes treating the wood (We recommend Sadolin Extra Durable Satin after a solid couple coats of Woodstain for best practice), routinely checking for any leaks or damage, and ensuring the sauna is properly covered (our sauna's include asphalt roof shingles as standard).

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April 01, 2024