Baby Teepee Play Tent


Bring your party or celebration to the next level with this stunning teepee tent! Whether you're hosting a summer gathering outdoors or a cozy sleepover, this versatile play tent is the perfect addition to any event.

Add a touch of wildness to your party, fill the space with giant stuffed animals and coordinate with matching décor for a truly immersive experience.

Each pack contains a cotton fabric teepee tent measuring approximately 130cm x, 120cm x 120cm, as well as a fabric carry case for easy transport. The wooden frame includes 8 wooden support poles and 4 pole connectors, and both the wooden product and packaging are FSC certified.
Elevate your next party or celebration with this impressive teepee tent!

Each pack contains:
1 x cotton fabric teepee tent measuring approx 130cm (H), 120cm (W), 120cm (D), and a fabric carry case.
Wooden frame includes 8 x wooden support poles and 4 pole connectors.

Packaged Dimensions 12 x 82 x 12cm